Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities in STEM

This web page is designed to serve as a resource for undergraduates seeking summer research opportunities in STEM fields.  Many such opportunities exist every summer, whether they are at universities, national laboratories, or in industry.  Below, we have grouped these according to these broad classifications.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it provides a starting point, especially for students seeking their first summer research experience.  

Students interested in these opportunities should be mindful of the application deadlines.  Many have deadlines that are in the fall of the year before the summer of interest.  


Summer research positions at DOE laboratories:

Argonne National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sandia Labs

Summer research positions at Universities:

SURF program at Caltech

REU program at Duke University

REU program at the University of Illinois

REU program at the Univesity of Miami

REU program at MIT's Haystack Observatory

Additional REU Sites (from NSF)

Other summer research programs:

Amgen Scholars