Postdoctoral Fellows

Alex Guevel
Now an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University

Martin Hautefeuille
Now a Senior Software Developer for Bloomberg

Hashem Mourad
Now Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Christian Peco
Now Assistant Professor at Penn State University

Roozbeh Rezakhani
Now a Senior Associate at Exponent

Ilinca Stanciulescu

PhD Students

Chandra Annavarapu
Now an Assistant Professor at IIT Madras

André Costa
Now a Software Engineer at Cadence Design Systems

Rudy Geelen
Now postdoc at the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences

Gary Hu
Now a Technical Staff Member at Argonne National Laboratory

Huidi Ji
Now a Development Engineer at Dassault Systems

Wen Jiang
Now an Assistant Professor at NC State University

Tae-Yeon Kim
Now an Associate Professor at KUSTAR

Temesgen Kindo
Now an Associate Director, Modeling & Simulation, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Curtis Lee
Now with Enterprise Projects, H-E-B

Yingjie Liu
Now at Cubist Systematic Strategies

Justin Pogacnik
Now a Geothermal Energy Researcher at VITO

Jessica Sanders
Now a Software Engineer at Tech for Campaigns

Andrew Stershic
Now a Technical Staff Member, Sandia National Laboratories

Ziyu Zhang
Now a Software Development Manager at Altair

Masters Students

Mark Merewether
Now a Technical Staff Member at Sandia National Laboratories

Carter Rhea
Now a PhD student at the University of Montreal

Casper Versteeg
Now a Mechanical Engineer at Lynk