Representing model uncertainties in brittle fracture simulations

TitleRepresenting model uncertainties in brittle fracture simulations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsH Zhang, JE Dolbow, and J Guilleminot
JournalComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Date Published01/2024

This work focuses on the representation of model-form uncertainties in phase-field models of brittle fracture. Such uncertainties can arise from the choice of the degradation function for instance, and their consideration has been unaddressed to date. The stochastic modeling framework leverages recent developments related to the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems and relies on the construction of a stochastic reduced-order model. In the latter, a POD-based reduced-order basis is randomized using Riemannian projection and retraction operators, as well as an information-theoretic formulation enabling proper concentration in the convex hull defined by a set of model proposals. The model thus obtained is mathematically admissible in the almost sure sense and involves a low-dimensional hyperparameter, the calibration of which is facilitated through the formulation of a quadratic programming problem. The relevance of the modeling approach is further assessed on one- and two-dimensional applications. It is shown that model uncertainties can be efficiently captured and propagated to macroscopic quantities of interest. An extension based on localized randomization is also proposed to handle the case where the forward simulation is highly sensitive to sample localization. This work constitutes a methodological development allowing phase-field predictions to be endowed with statistical measures of confidence, accounting for the variability induced by modeling choices.

Short TitleComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering