Postdoctoral Fellows

Martin Hautefeuille
Now a Senior Software Developer for Bloomberg
Hashem Mourad
Now Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Christian Peco
Now Assistant Professor at Penn State University
Ilinca Stanciulescu
Now an Associate Professor at Rice University

PhD Students

Chandra Annavarapu
Now an Assistant Professor at IIT Madras
Rudy Geelen
Now postdoc at the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
Huidi Ji
Now a Development Engineer at Dassault Systems
Wen Jiang
Now a Technical Staff Member at Idaho National Laboratory
Tae-Yeon Kim
Now an Assistant Professor at KUSTAR
Temesgen Kindo
Now a Senior Engineer for Amgen
Curtis Lee
Now an Expert for Boston Consulting Group
Yingjie Liu
Now at Cubist Systematic Strategies
Justin Pogacnik
Now a Geothermal Energy Researcher at VITO
Jessica Sanders
Now a Data Scientist at Philanthropy U
Andrew Stershic
Now at Sandia National Laboratories
Ziyu Zhang
Now a Senior Engineer at COMAC

Masters Students

Mark Merewether
Now a Technical Staff Member at Sandia National Laboratories
Carter Rhea
Now Graduate student at University of Montreal