On the completeness of meshfree particle methods

TitleOn the completeness of meshfree particle methods
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsT Belytschko, Y Krongauz, J Dolbow, and C Gerlach
JournalInt. J. Numer. Methods Eng. (UK)
Start Page785
Pagination785 - 819
Date Published01/1998

The completeness of smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) and its modifications is investigated. Completeness, or the reproducing conditions, in Galerkin approximations play the same role as consistency in finite-difference approximations. Several techniques which restore various levels of completeness by satisfying reproducing conditions on the approximation or the derivatives of the approximation are examined. A Petrov-Galerkin formulation for a particle method is developed using approximations with corrected derivatives. It is compared to a normalized SPH formulation based on kernel approximations and a Galerkin method based on moving least-square approximations. It is shown that the major difference is that in the SPH discretization, the function which plays the role of the test function is not integrable. Numerical results show that approximations which do not satisfy the completeness and integrability conditions fail to converge for linear elastostatics, so convergence is not expected in non-linear continuum mechanics

Short TitleInt. J. Numer. Methods Eng. (UK)